Before I was.

Today I just want to quickly write as a reminder to you and myself, we were never lost. That God chose you before you chose Him. The moments where you feel lost remember that His eyes never turn from you. If you feel broken remember that He formed you and can put you together like no other. Please let this sit in your heart that God loves YOU. Not the you that is perfect, fake, or trying to strive to be someone else. The YOU just as you are. Just as He created you. You are enough with Him as your source. You are beautiful, unique, and called for a specific purpose. Do not conform, be YOU. Throw down the weights of trying to fit in.

You are not alone in your guilt, in your shame, or in your brokenness. Whatever you are wrestling with stands no chance. All of Heaven is rooting for you! Angels are sent in your life to protect you. Take heart and remember He breathed His breathe into your lungs at the beginning and has not left you side since. He has already won for YOU. Get that joy back. Get that peace back.

That is my prayer for you today a peace and a joy overflowing.

Love you!

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