Fight the Good Fight.

Relationships. They are hard. Either family, spouses, friends, regardless which ones they take time. They take compromise, and commitment. I have found the more you pour into one the more that relationship grows. Sometimes we must fight to keep the relationship. We must fight to maintain the love in it. I truly believe love is a choice. We choose to show love, feel love, and display it. There will be many times in any relationship where it “feels” as though the love has changed it is not as strong or just went away altogether. But we make the decision to stay the course and fight to remain in love. Remain fighting for the relationship no matter how hard it can get.

I believe our relationship with God is the same way. We must fight for it. We must protect it, pour into it. We can not fall out of love or let the fire die down. If we are being honest there are times in our walk with Christ that it can feel this way.

So what do we do we fight for it. We continue to worship even when we up to our head in issues. We continue to pray, even if it seems like He is not listening. We continue to read His words, even if it seems they do not apply to you.

The truth is He loved us before we even knew how to love Him back. He is never far away from our side. Our feelings should not and will not dictate our love for Him. Keep fighting! Keep up your disciplines. No matter how you feel, feelings are fleeting. His love for you is eternal.

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