Who is on the throne?

I am not sure if I am the only one that thinks this way but love at times can seem like an anomaly. Our patterns and behavior when driven by love can seem irrational, confusing, or even insane. We often give our hearts over to people holding them at a standard they can never sustain and were never meant to. Then once given the power to hold our hearts in their hands at one point or another it gets cracked, broken, scarred, even cold and bitter.

Many times once left broken hearted we then only find comfort running back to the exact same person who broken it in the first place. Expecting a different outcome, yearning for attention, for moments that makes us feel complete. It is a viscous cycle and sorry to be the bearer of bad news but we will loose every single time. I am not saying every relationship you have is doomed or that everyone wants to break your heart. But what I am saying is the only person that should have a hold on our heart in that magnitude is Jesus. He will never fail us, never leave us, and is always fighting for us.

We need to stop setting us selves up for pain by putting all these unrealistic expectations on all the relationships around us. We all speak love differently. Some affection, others attention, some with small acts of kindness, or some with long moments of just silence together. And yes I know love is an amazing thing. But it can also be blinding, allowing our emotions to take the throne. Your love relationship with Christ should be the first and foremost, and then I can promise you every single other relationship will thrive. From friendships to dating to marriage. With Him at the center all else will prosper. So maybe today some of us needed that reminder. We had someone or something else taking the front seat of our lives, recenter and refocus. He is the one that will fill the voids, that will be there when you feel alone or abandoned. He is the one that completes you, fully not just or a moment or a season.

Work on that today. How can I improve this relationship with Jesus. In what ways am I slacking? Reading the word? Praying? Or simply being more kind and compassionate to others. Accept this challenge and watch your love grow from a beautiful place. Not a place of brokenness and bitterness.

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