Hold On.

Image the Egyptians as the storm drew close, before the red sea parted. Think about the disciples as they watched the waves crash around the boat with no sun in sight breaking the storm. There are so many stories in the Bible where darkness seemed to be winning and God seemed to be silent.

God might seem silent in your story right now, but I can assure you He is NEVER still in your story. He is always working in the midst. One of the toughest things I have learned is to not trust my feelings. To be honest it can feel like you are alone, cast aside, left to figure it all out on your own. Feelings are liars. Gods words will always be the truth. They are so true we can stand on them, we can build our life around them. So strong we can make the lies go away.

When all else seem to be crumbling remember the TRUTHS. Open up the bible, google scriptures that can help you through whatever it is you feel alone in. I want to encourage you, just like the stories in the Bible victory will come. I can not promise you the time, but that it will be the perfect time, Gods time. Sometimes that is a hard pill to swallow, our time seems like the right timing, now seems right. Even tougher to swallow is that everything we experience will be used for good. Let that get in your heart. Do not let it just be words we remember but lean on in times of trouble, in times of doubt. God is going to use this.

Storms are life. Pain is real. The choice is ours to allow God to use it for good, or the alternative. Become shut off, have a hardened heart, or be full of bitterness. Or to simply give up. Remember who is in the storm with you, Jesus. He loves you regardless of our flaws, or mess ups. He is fighting for you. We can not fail, for He has won the battle.

Just hold on, keep going, purse Him with all your heart. He will never fail you. Do not stop praying for strength. Love you! Any prayers or questions message or comment me!

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