Florida Girl.

Here we go! Gassed up and ready to hit the giant open road. Have candy bags on my right and caffeine to last for the journey ahead, one can only hope. The current drive ahead is seventeen hours from Los Angeles to Denver Colorado. Much shorter than my drive from South Florida to Los Angeles but, hey it is still many miles to go.

View through Utah!

I was full of excitement and pumped to finally land myself in Denver (for now). Was making some great time, even got to stop at Zion National Park in Utah. Which by the way make sure you are always good on gas in this state because the gas stations are so spread out, scare number one. I am a Florida girl born and raised, looooovee the mountains. And by that, I mean hiking them. So as night began to fall and I crossed into Colorado my excitement quickly faded and turned into flat out anxiety and panic.

I am not exaggerating for story purposes either, btw. But first of all you mountain natives, I sware you have a death wish. Even semi trucks were flying past me going about seventy miles per hour! Forget the flashing signs that say beware of ice!! I do not know what I was thinking of trying to take on these mountains for the first time in snowy conditions and at night. I kept talking to my self do not look down, do not look down! If snow was not enough, then rolls in the fog. I could not even make out street signs. Gray hairs were popping out by the minute, and I was having some serious one on one time with God.

It was about 12:30 am when I gave in and called my best friend who has more experience on these death cliffs. He made me take some deep breathes and repeated that pulling over would be the worst thing I could do. Cliff, fog, me on the side of the road. It would only take one of those in a hurry semis to end me. He said lean up in your seat and find the white lines and continue to follow it. It was so foggy I could only see one white line at a time as I began to continue my way down from Vail.

I’ll skip all the panic attacks and jump to the end. Florida girl made it home. Slowly and most likely pissing off every other driver on the road, but hey I made it. Definitely learned my lesson of doing the Colorado mountains middle of the night in pour conditions, but it also made me think of something else. I felt like this “fog” moment in the mountain was much like the “fog” moments we experience in many seasons of life.

Before we can move forward and continue on the path ahead we want to see every single detail. If we do not have certain information about the journey ahead we can give up. get frustrated with God, or even turn around altogether. Unfortuanlty, for this control freak, we will most likely not always have all the information. We will have to take leaps of faith. Continue to trust and follow God, even when much of it looks uncertain and sometimes even terrifying. Sometimes we are asked to take jobs that we are not qualified for and panic at even the thought of the responsibilities. Or sometimes we decide to give relationships a chance, let others get close and can only see one line at a time. Learn about them the more we spend time with them.

All this to say don’t let the unknown stop you from the trip. Do not let fear of the uncertainty paralyze you from moving forward. Simply look for the one thing right in front of you that you CAN see and just let it keep unfolding. Trust that God is for you and that He is making the way clear, even by one road line at a time.

Till next time, Love you!

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