Comfort Prayer.

Lord, here I am. I come to sit at your feet. I can not afford a drive by prayer, I am here in spirit and truth. I am not hiding anything from you. I need you. Everything that you are I need. I feel alone and lost. Discouragement overwhelms my soul. I thank you that you meet me right in this place. You come down for me. You care about my needs and cries. I am crying out to you. I feel surrounded by the enemy, but I know my feelings are liars. You surround me, and no weapon formed against me stands a chance to your mighty power. I surrender my thoughts, feelings, and heart over to you. I hold on to nothing tight, I give you complete control. I humbly ask you to overwhelm my soul with your joy and peace. You say where I am weak you are strong. You say when I am weary you remove the heavy burdens. Thank you Lord for your promises, that when the world seems to much to bear here you are upholding me with your right hand. Whispering encouragement in my ear. May your presence overwhelm me. You never leave me. You are fighting my battles for me. I pour myself out to you, and ask you pour in to me.

Thank you Lord, I say all this in Jesus mighty name. Amen

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