Are we missing it?

Have you ever been so excited for the future you overlook today? That you are waiting for something to come to pass just counting down the days. Guilty. I was reminded that today as I walked though the street to get to my next place. I am waiting on God to manifest some things in my life that I wanted to bypass the current day. He was telling me today I want to do things today, stop waiting on tomorrow. I felt like a jerk. This is true today is a great day, because I woke up breathing. It might not be exactly how I wanted my day to look but is definitely better than all the people I pass on the side of the streets.

So I want to encourage you. It is great to be excited for the future and all the promises of God. Let us still be present in the day ahead of us. Matthew 6:34, ” Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own. “. Let us practice being present in the moments right in front of us. In the people that God puts in front of us to love and to lift up. Let us be present in the day to day beauty of life. This is most difficult but most important in times of struggle. I am going through a time which to be honest is not ideal for me, but this is the place where my posture is most important.

It is easy to praise God when you ave everything, it is not as easy to praise Him when it seems you have nothing. So I will keep this short and simple. Look around and find five things you are thankful for. And praise Him!

  1. I woke up this morning.
  2. I had food all throughout the day I am not hungry.
  3. I have a family who cares to call and check in on me.
  4. The weather is beautiful today in LA.
  5. My sister is getting better in health.

Thank you Lord!! Love you all =]

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