Do not kill your contentment.

Comparison. We all know it to well. You scroll through everyone’s highlight reel and find your self not measuring up. Not measuring up to people who look happily married, are so fit and chiseled, or those that seem to travel more than they work. Comparison kills your contentment.

Look at the story in scripture, it starts at Genesis 37. Joseph has a dream and shared it with his brothers. They were jealous of his dreams and plotted to kill him. Or the story of Leah and Rachel they were sisters that were married to the same guy messed up I know. But the were envious of each other in different ways.

There are a few things I take from these stories. The first most important one is we have to stay in our own lane! We are meant for a certain race, and a certain path. You are unique and not like anyone else. You have your own blessings and your own destiny. Let us not try to duplicate people but learn more about who WE were created to be. People are waiting on you! You have a voice that can reach people that I do not have. Your testimony is a different weapon than anyone else’s. Be YOU, because God created you in His image for a purpose.

The second thing I take from this is keep your eyes one Jesus not on what you do not have. I know the feeling, like you have been forgotten. Like you want the blessings already. You want the family, the spouse, the degree or the job. That you have put in the work and the time it should happen, and now! God’s timing is perfect. He sees things that we can not. He sees things down the road. If I got the husband already maybe I would have screwed it up because I would have brought all my bagged in the relationship. Maybe if I got the job to early I would have slipped up and lost it. Who knows? All I do know is that we CAN trust Him and His timing. If we just keep our eyes on Him, He WILL provide all that we need. It is a promise from Him, and God is not a liar. He has a plan that is good and to prosper you not hinder you.

So lets stay focused and stay in our own lane. Lets encourage instead of compare. When one of us wins we all win. We are not in competition, we are all in this together. Love and speak life do not tear down or be negative because they are blessed with what you want. Gods timing is the best timing, let’s not go ahead of Him. I love you and hope this helps to refocus you, praying favor and blessings in your week to come!

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