Today I want to encourage you to out of 1 Kings 19. I have read this scripture many times because I know all to well the feeling that Elijah was facing. I will be writing from 1 Kings 19:1-9. This story is taking place right after one of the prophet Elijah’s greatest victories. He was successful in killing hundreds of false prophets and worshipers of false Gods. As anticipated this really ticked off Jezebel and she pretty much made it her goal to have his head. Right after his greatest victory be started to run for his life in fear. In just a few scenes he went from the top to laying down his life wanting it to just be over. This is odd to me as I began to really dig further.

It was much more than Elijah running for his life. He was now running FROM his life. He did not have the strength nor the will power to give more after this great battle on the mount. It seemed to me that he let it slip his mind who really won that battle, who really gave him the strength to succeed. It was never by his own might that he won.

I want us to think here for a moment. Have you ever experienced victory in a battle but the outcome was not what you expected? Had your prayers answered but not the way you wanted? Received great news but it lasted for a mere moment till trouble struck again? Far to many times my expectations have led me to huge disappointments and to what seemed like let downs. When I cling to the way I want it to happen and my will I do not make room for God to let His will be done. Let us stop letting our expectations create disappointments. Remember this truth the greater your call the more the enemy wants to take you out. The greater the victory the more the enemy wants to feed you lies. Have you doubt, fear, and loose sight of what God has said over you. When you find your self stuck in this situation. Stuck in your feelings, stuck in discouragement open your mouth and speak. Speak the truth what God said to you. Speak stuff out like this:

I might be surrounded by Jesus is yoked to me who can defeat me. I am the head and not the tail even when it looks like a set back it is a set up. I am free from condemnation I will not give in the guilt and shame. I am accepted and chosen by the most high God people can not dictate my praise. When Jesus was tempted in the wilderness each time the enemy tried to get Him off His path all He did was speak the truth. Be encouraged you are in good company and you are never alone! If you need prayer do not hesitate to comment of send me a message through my contact page! Love y’all!

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