Be that person.

One of my favorite scriptures in this current season, is the story of the women with the issue of blood being healed. If you have not you should most defiantly read it, I will be writing from Mark 5: 25-32.

So there is this women who had suffered a great deal trying to be healed from her sickness. She spent all her money, she spent all her energy, she gave everything she had to try and get better. Which in turn only made her worse. Twelve years of suffering, years of failure, and disappointment. Not to mention she was cast out to be in isolation. Since she was unclean she was not allowed to be out the way she was in this text.

Have you been exhausting all your efforts, doing all in your power to get “fixed”? Gone date after date trying to beat loneliness only left feeling more alone then ever. Have spent countless time and money on your outward appearance. Thinking that if only you look the part it can feel the void of emptiness on the inside. Then my friend you are in a perfect position because we when exhaust all of our options and come to the end of our rope we become desperate. I know it does not feel like a good place to be but desperate is a perfect place to experience healing. You see Jesus was surrounded by a LARGE crowd. I am sure in that crowd there were many sick, depressed, poor, and needy people. The only one that experienced healing was the one that saw her opportunity and was so desperate that she would do anything!!! Just to touch the hem of His garment. That she would claw down the crowd, crawl on her knees, break the law, anything !! She could not afford to watch her moment pass her by. She could not afford to allow Jesus to just walk by and not get healed. She knew that if she would just throw off everything and chase Him down she would get what she needed. Get to just reach to touch Him with one hand.

Today I want to tell you. Be that certain type of person. That is sick and tired of being sick and tired. That needs that healing power of Jesus to truly transform my life!! I do not care what they say or how they stare or what they do to try and stop me I am getting to Jesus. By your faith, you will be healed! Get crazy, get desperate, experience the wholeness you are created for. Those people in the crowd I am sure hoped Jesus would touch them pray with them heal them. But this women came there with an expectation came in there and made a decision, I will be healed if I get to Him. You to can be freed from suffering. Throw off everything weighing you down and pick your faith back up. Be that certain type of person who may look crazy for the moment but will walk away healed. Will walk away with praise on your lips. Will walk away free from bondage and free from what was trying to kill you! Love you praying for you! I pray your faith stirs inside and you boldly go to God asking for healing, asking for true freedom!

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