Just do it.

So many times in life what stops me from opportunities is never starting them. What are you not even starting because you won’t walk through the door? I remember the first time I wanted to go to bible study, I was alone. I had no idea what to expect. You would think the room was full of vampires or something because I could not even get out of my car. I got dressed drove to church and would not get out of the car, I am not kidding. This might of happened two or three times. I am not sure what I was so afraid of. I did not know anyone there, was alone, and was so timid, the car felt much more safer. It goes the same way for the gym the hardest part is getting in the door. I am guilty of driving to the gym and pulling right back out, but once I am in its a wrap.

I am speaking mostly to myself here but why are we so afraid to be uncomfortable? Praise God I did actually walk into bible study and now years later I have led two. It is funny how God works. I am truly my own worst enemy. Completely overthink and over analysis many situations, which can cause me to be paralyzed from moving forward.

And to be honest many times what is stopping us from doing what we felt led to do is that we fear what others are going to think. Have you ever felt that nudge to pray for a complete stranger? That you are like ummmm God are you sure because this is going to be weird and I do not even know their name or what to say or that they even believe in you. What I have experienced from obeying that nudge is every time the person is in awe that I actually took the time to pray with them. That they usually had something very heavy on their heart. When God has lead me to uncomfortable situations it is always so much easier then the disaster I have played out in my head.

Do not be so quick to ignore that small still voice. Those nudging thoughts to be kind to someone, pray with someone, pick up trash, or encourage someone. You never know what was going on behind the scenes. Many times the same reaction will come out of whoever God nudged me to talk to, “You do not know how much I needed that”. Well praise God, because I had no idea what I was doing! So I am writing all this to say just obey Him in the daily nudges. That can have long lasting impacts or tiny impacts. Either way we pray to be used by Him don’t we? It can not be in only the way WE intended it to be. Pray for courage and boldness. He will lead you through whatever He calls you to.

I think the most uncomfortable time for me was on a plane. I had no quick get away! I had to sit next to this guy the whole way! The Holy Spirit kept pressing on me pray for Him. I just kept thinking later, maybe when we get off ( aka no, just making excuses). But I could not shake it, it was meant to happen NOW. He actually engaged the conversation about church, go figure. I was reading, There is More by Brain Houston (a great book). And He was asking me questions about it. Then he starts like crying, a grown man very uncomfortable, and proceeds to tell me his son is an addict and he and his wife are scared for his life. They are at their end and have nothing left they can do for him. Bingo, now I understood the pressing need to pray stirring inside of me. So I just went for it, asking the Holy Spirit to lead me. I know you might feel that it was a big deal but I felt very nervous. But as I asked he said yes and just broke down as I prayed for him and lifted his family up. It was short and simple, and my gut went back to the normal place instead of my throat. I did not need an escape plan after all.God knows what He is doing! When He whispers something to you do not over think it ask Him for the words, the courage, and simply do it.

I never seen joy come on someone like it did after praying with him. He gave me his card and told me I will always be welcome in his families home. I was amazed by his gratefulness and a little convicted I was fighting obeying so bad. But it taught me you do not always know why God puts things on your heart but when we just obey it can have a major impact.

Look to Him and He will guide you. Let us be quicker to obey and quicker to pray! Love y’all! Have a day full of favor.

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