Days seem to come and go faster and faster. I am not sure if it is because we are surrounded by more and more things or we are just becoming less present in the day we are given. I am sure I am not alone in this I can be in a conversation with someone and in my head I can be miles away. It is not that I do not value the person or the moment but my head is always thinking on the next thing, thinking about the next task or step. I am trying to be more present mentally.

When we slow down and really tune into to what is going on around us it is pretty crazy the ways God shows Himself. In a still small voice, not in the fire, or the storm. I want to encourage you that God is talking to you everyday in many different ways. Let us take steps to slow down and see Him, open our ears to hear Him. The people He nudges you to pray for, the homeless He pressed you to bless, the moments He guides you to just look into someones eye and ask how are they? Let us be OPEN vessels to truly be used in each day. Jesus is present when you call on Him. Can you image in our times of desperation He is like, um sorry hold on I am trying to figure out tomorrow and the next steps., my brain is just to busy to actually hear you right now. I thank God that to hears us every single time we pray. That He is close when we are broken hearted, or crushed in spirit. Let us become more like Him in this way. To take the time to care for others. Value when they just need encouragement or an ear to actually listen to us.

I want to challenge you to go out of your way this week to bless someone every single day. Once a day. Small acts of kindness, or being there for someone in need. However, let God lead you. I would love to hear about how God uses you?! You can share you acts of kindness below!

Each morning pray, “God use me, I am open to be your vessel in whatever way you would like today. Give me eyes to see you and hear you, and also the courage to respond to your Holy Spirit.”. I am excited to hear how God uses you throughout the week!

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